Titleist Fitting-Center Deutschland Mitte


GC Am Alten Fliess
Am Alten Fliess 66
50129 Bergheim – Fliesteden

Team Titleist brand ambassador Bart van der Does a.k.a. “BirdieBarty” visited Titleist Germany Fitting-Center Deutschland Mitte.
On the schedule for today was fitted for the new Titleist irons (new shafts) and wedges, and I finished with a driver fitting.

The day started early morning in the car, driving towards GC Am Alten Fliess (Bergheim – Fliesteden). From home it was almost 300km towards the fitting-center and a small 3 hours in the car. “Playlist on, Cruise-Control activated, Game on..”
Upon arrival I noticed the GC had a similar driveway, course setup like Gut L√§rchenhof. The famous course where the PGA European Tour’s German Open is yearly played.

I started walking through the fitting-center and I was surprised how large the complex really was. The short game area is really nice. From 1 single point you have the options to hit shots to 8-10 different greens on several distances. Great for short game practice, practice all sort of shots but also great to see how far each wedge goes and what it does on the greens.

Than, the great moment was there. I had a 120hrs time slot in the studio. For your understanding. There was a large studio located at the West side of the Driving Range. The studio contained a Trackman, multiple recording equipment and lots and lots of fancy toys to try out. Every model (clubhead) was available to try with different shafts, grips even custom settings like upright/flat even weight system to get the most out of your fitting. For me I had a personal preference in the new line-up on the AP2’s that I was playing. The new T100 series.. as the time progressed I tried the new model with a wide range of shafts. I could really feel the difference. The have moved the CG a bit and I got a lower more penetrating ball flight. But so far it didn’t really beat my current AP2’s. I can’t express enough how important it is to get club fitted when buying new clubs.

Over the last couple of years as Caddie on tour I’ve worked with the worlds best golf players, spent hours and hours in Tour trucks, seen latterly dozens and dozens of golf players worldwide playing with wrong measured golf clubs.

Over the years I’ve seen so many players playing with “too stiff” and “too low degrees of clubs”. Yes, everyone wants to play with the exact same clubs like the tour players are playing. But not everyone has the same swing and technique. I’ve seen so many people walking towards their nearest pro-shop, I’ need new clubs, What is Tiger hitting? Or get me those type of clubs….
If you reading this, ask yourself the question… “Did I truly try out the options that are here for me?” “Have I taken the time to investigate what else is on the market?” “Have I overgone a close fitting for my new irons” ?
If the answer is NO, you know what to do.

Back to the fitting. Again the new T100 irons were amazing. They look really sexy but I fitted my AP2’s well and so far the new T100 series didn’t beat my AP2 in distance and/or control. I did got a lower flight with the new T100 but for me that wasn’t the reason to get them rolling in. Once again, the evidence if you have the right golf set you play 10 years with that set.
Moving on, I wasn’t happy with my current wood setup. In the back old days, I was known for my super long distances of the tees, and over the years I got less flexible and not able to gain that swing speed in my younger times.

But with the fitting I got close to the 300meter mark again. We made some adjustments in my current 3wood. New shaft and 1 degree more upright. Gave me the opportunity to hit it better off the deck with a bit higher launch and gaining 12meter distance (250-260).

With the driver I have moved to a more degree clubhead. I’ve played several lofts of the years, from 8.5 to 10.5 and all tour fitted. My current setup was a 9.5 degree but my launch was way to low and my carry distance therefor only 255-260 meters.
Moving from the 130grams tour shaft all the way back to the new Fujikura Ventus NV Blue (8) series to 86 grams.
The Fujikura (woods) shafts have been leading on tour over the years. (Red series, you see them more on the Ladies European Tour (mid-high lunch), the blue more on the PGA European Tour & PGA Tour (mid launch) and the black (low launch) you see them only on the PGA Tour. My new shaft option: BLUE

Flex: Stiff+, Lenght: 46inch, Weight: 86grams, Tip Flex: 90, Butt Flex: 78, Torque: 3.0, Butt Diameter: 0.0605 , Bend Point: M, Spin: Low, Launch: Medium
Staight away I felt difference, I simply had to swing with less power and gained control. Fancy to figure out was with less (low) spin and medium launch I was hitting the ball 20 meters further already only by changing towards a lighter shaft. We played around with degrees and weights and surprisingly out of the blue, I was hitting numbers 280-290 (95% swing tempo). Which really really gave me a pleasant feeling. I have moved the NV Ventus Blue shaft in all my woods.

After the fitting, I received a detailed rapport about which irons I was testing, the numbers I hit and what upgrades had to be made. It was time for lunch and what else to eat in Germany that a good old fashion Schnitzel. During lunch time I forwarded all the specs straight to department Team Titleist (Titleist Headquarters in St. Ives) to get the order going.
After lunch I played the golf course Am Alten Fliess which was a really really nice golf course to play. Can’t wait to get back there!
After 14 days my parcel from the UK arrived in The Netherlands and I was playing with new clubs.

If you reading this article and really want to get fit yourself. Don’t hesitate or wait any longer. Find you nearest Titleist fitting-center and get yourself sorted!

Link to Titleist fitting-centers: Titleist Fitting Center
Link to Titleist Titleist

Happy swings,