Team Christopher SAHLSTROM


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It’s been a while since I last written. As some of you have spotted me already back on tour.
Now for some came this as a surprise, as I shared before I retired as tour caddie.
I first came on tour in 2003 during the British Open, Royal St. George’s.
Over the years I have caddied during many tournaments on several golf tour’s world wide.

As COVID-19 came by, the (IT) company who I was working for got bankrupt. So I was looking for a new job.
I reached out to the tour and asked some tour players if it was possible to get a back during COVID-19 times on tour.
As the golf tour work with a “bubble” it’s not easy getting in or to find a tour player.
The luck was on my side. Christopher Sahlstrom from Sweden reached out to me and from then it was history.

Chris flew to Amsterdam in August where I picked him up and from there we stayed and travelled together as team.
When I arrived on m’day 1st week of the event at the tour office. All my caddie details from the previous years were still in the system. So I got very lucky with that as well and after COVID-19 tests I was allowed by the tour to enter the “bubble”.
As time flies, by the time I’m writing the season is over. Chris is back to Sweden for winter practice and I’m back in the Netherlands. I will continue working for the military over the winter. We will see what happens after the winter.
Chris & I are staying in touch. I will share for the next upcoming weeks some interesting articles but also some product testing.
Stay tuned for the latest updates.