Hi, what’s up folks?
Thank you for reading my write-up on “Missing in Action”.
“Missing in Action” is an OSINT challenge on the Hack the Box platform.
Upon starting, all you get is the following from Hack the Box:
– Name: Roland Sanchez
– Place: Birmingham
– Country: UK
The latest information is that his family is convinced that Roland is kidnapped on a business trip. You have been asked to help to locatie Roland.

So, without further due, let’s get started.
1. First thing I did was open a search on Google on Roland Sanchez Birmingham, UK.
(See screenshot attached below)

The LinkedIn profile gives me limited information. I now have his picture though, and see that he works at Egotistical Bank. But I’m sure his family already had all those details. The next result in my Google searches is a different Roland Sanchez. His twitter profile has some curious tweets:

Looking at the socials I couldn’t find anything interesting. So back to the drawing board.
My first initial Google search was his name and residence, now it is time to focus on his work.

From here you read a important message. It’s saying… Once the pandemic is over there is a new branch opening and it’s referring to Foursquare for locations. That’s interesting!
So now let’s search foursquare OSINT to see if I can find some tips to help me out to get better search results.

I’m using some Google Advanced Search techniques to see if I can find Roland Sandchez’s last location.

Once I have entered that I reached the Foursquare space. And it looks like Roland last visit was at Tamper at Sellers Wheel. When scrolling down you find the flag between the reviews!

This concludes my write-up on the OSINT challenge Missing in Action on the Hack the Box platform.

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