MNICF “Multinational Integrated Cyber Fusion” is a project in the MCDC “Multinational Capability Development Campaign”. Every 2 years MCDC is having short burst projects, this one is the MNICF led by US Cyber Command.
I’ve got the opportunity to work for MNICF, US Cyber Command in this amazing project. If you interested, please read below.
Disclaimer: ALL INFORMATION IS OPEN TO PUBLIC. NO CLASSIFIED INFORMATION IS BEING SHARED HERE. By participating in MNICF we globally work together in a team, collaborate, sharing knowledge and experience to reduce Cyber risks.

The journey started in September 2021 where I was working for NATO C2COE “Command and Control Centre of Excellence”. My role at the COE was to become the “Cyber SME (Subject Matter Expert) in C2”.
At the NTTC (Nato Training Technology Conference) in Virginia, USA I got the opportunity to speak to some staff members of US Cyber Command. I joined their sessions and after some assessments I was asked to join the MNICF team. From there the journey started…
The main goal for MNICF is to collaborate together by sharing our knowledge and experience to reduce Cyber risks. The project is led by Canada’s Commodore Matt Bowen (1 star). Shortly after the NTTC I was in Bonn where the German Cyber Commando was hosting the location for MNICF. We received some interesting lectures and got up to date with what Germany was facing in the Cyber landscape. But mainly the goal was to work in your team to produce the end product (to be delivered end 2022).
There are 3 working groups inside the MNICF: LOE1, LOE2 & LOE3 (lines of effort).
LOE1 is focussing on the need of products while LOE2 is delivering a Education & Training product and LOE3 which is the best part. Gets to test the products in real life. For example during CTF’s or NATO exercises. LOE3 is led by Canada’s Maj. Max Denomme. Later Max and I became close friends as we traveled through Europe and spending most time together. After Bonn more workshops came and so came the exercises. From what we can share is that we participated in Viking22 (Sweden), CWIX22 (Poland) but we also participated in some CTF’s like US Cyber Flag and we make stops in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Ukraine and some more. In each country we conducted Cyber injects. Basically where it comes down to it was come up with a Cyber scenario and inject this in real life workspace or exercise. From there we take over and conduct several offensive & defensive measures all approved and mandate by US Cyber Command. Over the months I got to know many amazing people and I have learned so much from this experience. As MNICF (2022) is coming to ENDEX there is one stop left for me this year in Norway, where we will present our findings, experience and lessons learned from the past months. Stay tuned on my Newsfeed to stay up to date.
I’m the national representative for the Netherlands at MNICF, US Cyber Command. If you wish to participate or join please get in contact with me.

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