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Exam MD-100: Exam Windows 10

Hi! So welcome to my Exam prep session for the MD-100.
During Microsoft ignite in November 2019 Orlando, FL I have spoken to Andrew Bettany who is the writer of the Microsoft Exam Ref: MD-100: Windows 10. I also followed his technical session.

So let’s start with the beginning.
The Microsoft MD-100: Windows exam is the replacement Microsoft exam for IT professionals running Windows 10. Target IT professionals who should take the MD-100 exam would be: IT enthousiast, helpdesk employee, administrators & any other IT admins who wish to earn their certification on deploying and managing Windows 10 devices.
The exam is split up in two sections:
First part is, NTFS, how to install it, Windows Hello, knowling bitlocker etc. etc. and then the second part of the Microsoft certified Desktop Administrator is about how to manage it, deploy it in an enterprise enviremont which comes with all the enterprise features. This is an extra exam the Microsoft MD-101. Now this exam is partically a bit “cloudy” too as it will cover Azure AD, Intune as Windows 10 is build for the cloud. So that gives you a clear on the two options out there. For now we will focus on the MD-100: Windows 10.

So the MD-100 is the replacement for the 70-697 (Configuring Windows Devices) & 70-698 (Installing & Configuring Windows 10). If you got any of one of those exam, than you are in great shape! Because if you got for example the 70-698 exam is identical to the MD-100.
If you have one of the two you can go the MD-101 straight away, however and this is the big however: You have got only until August 2019 to follow this road. After that point of time you need to get recertified.

So what’s in the MD-100 exam? Basically it covers 4 main objectives:
1. Deploy Windows 10:
2. Manage device & data.
3. Configure connectivity
4. Maintain Windows

The 4 objectives mentioned above cover the basics of Windows 10. There is no Azure AD in there, no enterprise features etc. It’s just pure Windows 10 !

1. Deploying Windows 10, the first objective is nothing more than installing Windows 10, selecting the right SKU, basically just how to install Windows 10. Please see the topics attached below:
– Configure languege packs
– How to perform a clean install
– How to migrate use data
– In-place upgrades
– Select the right Windows edition
– How to troubleshoot activation issues

2. Manage devices & data covers NTFS, group policies which goes very straight forward.
Topics in objective 2:
– Manage devices & data
– How to join & Register via AD & Azure AD
– The use and which portals to use:

– Understanding NTFS
– Understanding HKCU-HKLM (Local policy v.s. group policy)
– Understanding Firewalls in Windows security
– Understanding Encryption (EFS v.s. Bitlocker)

3. Configure connectivity is all about IP, WiFi profiles, remote management.
– Config IP
– Mobile network
– Troubleshoot WiFi Profiles
– Config remote management
– Config remote desktop apps.
– Remote MMC, GUI & Powershell
– WinRM-Quickconfig (5985, 5986)

4. Mantain Windows, is all about configuring Windows 10 (recovery, keep in fresh, up to date, performance).
– Config System & Data recovery
– Local file recovery (Windows backup tool)
– WBadmin.exe
– OneDrive receovery (3-30 days MS account v.s. 3-90 days office365 account.
– Recover windows 10, reset this PC, fresh start
– Troubleshoot startup access, Win 10 advanced mode
– Updates (check for updates, troubleshoot, validate, service channels and Windows update options).
– Task manager – Power usage & Trend.

The MD-100 is very easy going, I would reccomend it to anyone who is in IT using Windows 10.
Even for fresh starters is easy do-able. Don’t be affraid if you just starting in IT, this MD-100 is a great start, if you have experience in Windows than you get obviously a headstart and pass.
But be warned, it’s gonna be intens! So someone straight of the streets can’t pass it. It covers basic IT knowledge as well. There are some nice little bits and bytes in there which can make it tricky.

Looking back in history, Windows Vista was hard, Windows 7 was really hard, and the Windows 10 one passing on it. Simply because the product goes bigger and bigger.

How to prepare?
– Digital events, classroom meetings, MS-Learn, MOC and by taking any practice exams.


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