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“BirdieBarty” joins Team Chris Sajnog

Hi, whatsup dear readers!
Thank you for reading my articles and showing interests in my website.

I’ve some excisting news to share with you.
As you all aware that I’m an active shooter at my “local gun range”, I did some research on how to become a better shooter. Through my network contacts in the United States Airforce I was introduced to Chris Sajnog.

Chris Sajnog is a former US NAVY SEAL Sniper (callsign: “Snowman”).
Chris Sajnog is a retired Navy SEAL Master Firearms Instructor, Neural-Pathway Training (NPT) Expert, speaker and Disabled Veteran Small Business Owner. He is one of the most experienced and respected firearms trainers in the world, being hand-selected to develop the training for the US Navy SEAL Sniper program. As a Navy SEAL he was the senior sniper instructor, a certified Master Training Specialist (MTS), BUD/S and advanced training marksmanship instructor. After retiring from the SEAL Teams in 2009 to spend time with his family, Chris began training civilians and law enforcement officers. He is the founder of the New Rules of Marksmanship, a revolutionary approach to firearms training and has a passion for finding innovative ways to teach elite-level shooting skills online as rapidly as possible to his students. He is a federal and state certified firearms instructor and has trained DOD, DHS, FBI, CIA, Law Enforcement, and multiple foreign allies in all aspects of combat weapons handling, marksmanship, and tactics.

I was introduced to Chris Sasjnog at Ramstein Airbase begin june 2019.
The idea always crossed my mind to visit the Sig Sauer Academy in the USA to learn and become a skilled pistol shooter. But never dreamed of the actual idea that I became part of such an elite group.

Every day I’ve direct contact with Chris & his team about my progression in becoming a better shooter.
To give you a close look: I’m ready class room theory from Chris Sajnog: “How to shoot like a NAVY SEAL” & “the new rules of marksman”. Next to that I have so called “premium” access to Chris Sajnog’s resource vault.
Here is where I can find more materials I need to increase the effectiveness of my dry weapons training. I also have access to materials which can help/or improve me during practice, such as 25/50/100/1000 yard training targets, study materials on shooting vision and aging, front sight focus, trainings and many more.

I started three weeks ago with “the new rules of marksman” where Chris learned me about brain performance training, physics, focus, conditioning and a lot more. It was a great start off and got excited about all what was coming ahead of me. As some of you know I visit my local gun range about 2-4 times a week.
But since I meet Chris I’m saving “ammo” and doing more dry fire training that before. This week I’m in the middle of the “NAVY SEAL Shooting” where I’m putting the last weeks study to practice on the range. With the results I will evaluate with Chris and his team.

There will be weekly update posts on my website if you are more interested too in becoming a better shooter.
Later on this week I will publish more about practice drills, and more tips & tricks from former US NAVY SEALS and Chris Sajnog’s team. I’m super excited to share with you all this.

Perhaps a small “disclaimer” all the information shared is NOT classified and open to for citizens and public.

Hope to see you soon!

Bart van der Does


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