Bart van der Does’s golfing story is very much an organic one: from a young age with his fathers golf clubs mimicking his father’s swing, to his ascent through the amateur ranks, turning professional golf caddie and ultimately becoming the most experience golfing superstar he is today in The Netherlands.

I was born on 16th November 1990 in place called Alkmaar, The Netherlands. In my spare time as a kid I was always into sports, playing actively tennis & lot of swimming. At age of 10 at Island Ameland I got introduced to golf. My parents always have played the game for many years. During the summer out of the blue I wanted to try it myself. With iron 9 to the driving range with my dad I started to hit some golf balls. Turned out I truelly liked the game and gave up my other sports. Over the summer holidays I practiced lot of golf and figured out for myself I trully love this sport. At age of 11 I took some indoor golf lessons and a year later I signed up at Spaarnwoude golf club where I grew most of my youth up.
After 1 year of playing golf there and to become a better player my dad took me at age 13 to the 2003 British Open at the Royal St. Georges, Sandwich UK.
From there I followed some of the world best players, watching the big names such as Ernie Els, Tiger Woods, Seve Ballesteros, Vijay Singh, Retief Goosen and many more. When watching on the short game area I noticed a golfer speaking dutch. His name is Robert-Jan Derksen.
Over the week I followed RJ and got so inspired by the game of golf and from that moment I wanted to be just as good as all the others out there. From that moment I wanted to be golf professional.

My dad was working for an English bank and had to travel the world a lot, while my mom was working in the local pro shop. When I had the oppertunaty my dad brought me with him throughout whole Europe we followed Robert-Jan Derksen and I created a special band with RJ over the years. As golf is fantastic my parents always driven and stimulate me to finish school.
So for me I was doing the best as I can and as fast as I could, because as soon as the school-ring went and school time was over. I jumped on my bike and raced to the golf course. I wanted to become golf professional!
At age of 14 years I got selected by the NGF (Netherlands Golf Frederation) to play in the “jong oranje” which was a national golf team for youth. Unfortunately my game wasn’t good enough to remain in the team and I got kicked out. Signing up at Spaarnwoude golf club where I was able to train was my next option. I got so frustrated I wasn’t good enough but at the same time I wanted to play on the PGA European Tour. Hitting litterly douzends and douzends of golf balls each week it didn’t took long until the pro’s disovered me. There was in my opinion an “aged” old man watching me with a Ausy hood on. I was a bit shy to say hello, but after I finished my bucket of balls. The pro walked up towards me and said: “I know you were part of the national team, you got kicked out. So if you really want to learn how to play real good golf and become one of the best. You have to accept your loss and come and take lessons with me”.
And from that moment…. it all started….