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Welcome to my official website. My website is for information purpose only! I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with everyone out there to make the world a safer place and make you perhaps smarter. I am greatful for the people who brought me into the Cyber domain and until the day of now I’m still learning on my journey. I was happy enough to find & meet amazing people who learned me some “Cyber Skills” many years ago. As of today I’m a certified Ethical Hacker, active CTF player and yes, I still love to play golf sometimes. I hope you find my website as your “one stop shop” and come back often. If you like my projects & write-ups please consider making a donation to keep the website up and running.

Keep paving your path to perfection!
* Please bare in mind that all content shared is open to public. There is no classification on any material being shared on my website.
* Be nice and respectful to everyone!
* Have fun !
* This website is for information purpose ONLY! No illegal activities are allowed!
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OSINT: HTB – Easy Phish


Hi folks, Thank you for reading my write-up on the Hack the Box OSINT challenge: Easy Phish. The challenge start with the following... Read More OSINT: HTB – Easy Phish

Book review: “Hackers – Gerard Janssen”

Book review

Tijdens de DIVD (Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure) hackers meetup in Rotterdam kwam ik Gerard Janssen tegen het lijf.... Read More Book review: “Hackers – Gerard Janssen”

Book review: “Nu of nooit – Dai Carter”

Book review

Het opereren in het diepste geheim, het fysiek en mentaal voorbereid moeten zijn om de meest extreme uitdagingen beschrijft het boek:... Read More Book review: “Nu of nooit – Dai Carter”


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